Features of TABS Dispatch Software

Purchasing TABS will offer you many features not found in other dispatching software applications. Learn what TABS dispatching software can offer you and your workforce to create a simple to use, fast, and reliable workflow.

Clock In screen

Dispatching Screen

Time Card TrackingTime Card / Time Sheet

TABS helps you go paperless by eliminating the need for analog time sheets.

TABS removes the problem of manual and inaccurate record keeping. Automatic time sheets keep your organization free from inaccurate and malicious hour keeping.

Workers are able to remotely clock in from their field locations, job sites, and anywhere else as needed. This will allow you to deploy your workforce directly to work locations without clocking in or out at a centralized location, allowing for productivity to be maximized at job locations without sacrificing accountability.

Home Screen

Dispatching Screen

Dispatching WorkersJob Scheduling and Dispatching

Intuitive scheduling minimizes time and resources needed for Dispatching.

Scheduling and planning are incredibly important parts of running a successful business. Real-time Dispatching streamlines communications and reduces operational costs.

This is done by passively tracking location, status, and actions so as to allow managers and supervisors to allocate resources in real-time. TABS’s scheduling system allows not only for easy editing of planned but displays a full schedule across a desired period of time ensuring that all tasks are covered. Additionally, the scheduling system can be compared against the time sheet system to compare planned time blocks of tasks against actual time blocks of tasks in order to determine where hours are being utilized. This will allow planners to adjust and approach problems with a more informed solution.

Dispatching screen selection

GPS location Screen

Navigation & Location TrackingLocating / Tracking

Current reporting on employee locations for oversight and data analytics

Tracking employee locations is important, especially for companies which have employees that work from home or other decentralized job locations. A large or small number of employees can be tracked with equal ease.

Geographically based calls for tasks that cannot be planned are answered more resourcefully by being able to ascertain who is closest and not currently dispatched.


Mobile Camera uploads & ReportingJob Pictures, Audio, & Video

Uploading media allows for better accountability and oversight

When working in a job that requires oversight but supervisors are unable to be physically present, TABS will allow supervisors to monitor multiple job sites from a centralized location. Utilizing smartphones and the mobile application, employees will be able to upload visual and audio media to the server and tie them to reports and dispatches. This will not only ensure the quality of your product or service while on the job but also help protect your company by mitigating potential accusations of negligence. This will protect your company and likely lower your insurance rates.

Digital Form example

Digital Form Example 2

Digital Form EntryCustomizable Digital Forms

Data entry from remote or centralized locations that are easy to fill out and keep accountability of streamlines operations

With TABS you are able to freely and easily create forms and documentation already used by your company. Using mobile devices the forms can be filled out remotely at the job site or from a console in the office. These forms can be easily reviewed and edited by both the data entry level user and their supervisor.


Invoicing & ReportingInvoicing

Digital invoicing allows for easy tracking of inventory and streamlines customer management.

By utilizing our other major product, Open Business Systems (OBS), and easily integrating it into TABS we are able to import your inventory and organize it as needed. OBS will allow your business to accurately gain vision on your inventory by tracking items during inventory. OBS also provides scanner and mobile device support, allowing for increased periodic inventory efficiency. OBS will easily allow clients to integrate with your inventory to order and purchase supplies as needed while eliminating the need to interface with your employees, which saves you time and money.

GPS Navigation on Mobile Device

Gps Navigation & RoutingGPS Navigation

Mobile navigation decreases travel time and improves response time.

TABS’s mobile support utilizes built-in GPS to provide intuitive navigation the employees’ current location to the job location based on dispatch information. This allows employees to locate the job location and get there as quickly as possible. TABS integrates with GoogleMaps™ to avoid traffic delays and other issues.