Logging into TABS Mobile App

Date: 3/6/2019 Catagory: Helpful Tips

Installing Tabs for Android and iOS

If you don’t have Tabs installed on your device already, select the links above to setup TABS for Android or iOS.

Open TABS on your mobile device, then select the three dots in the lower right hand corner to bring up additional options.

Then select settings.

There are only three credentials you need to enter to login.

The first credential we will enter is our User name we use to login to Consortium Software to access TABS.

Next we will enter the password for our login.

finally we will enter a device ID, This is used to identify your device for record keeping purposes since this is the first device we are logging into we will put in four zeros.

(Additionally if we install Tabs on another device we can label it as 0001.)

With these credentials entered press the back button to return the previous screen.

Select Manual update, this will force TABS to log you in right away.

Within a matter of seconds we should be able to see dispatches and have the ability to clock in and out.

And that’s it every time we open the app we will be logged in automatically.