Logging Hours with TABS Mobile

Date: 9/9/2019 Catagory: New Feature

TABS Mobile Application has received many updates recently!

An exciting new features to TABS Mobile application is the ability to manually add hours to your time clock. Follow these instructions below to learn how!

Screenshot of hours button on application

Step 1. Open TABS on your mobile device. Once opened select the “Hours” option on the lower bar.

Screenshot of add hours button on hours page

Step 2. You will now be shown a summary of previously logged hours. At the top of the page select “Add Hours”.

Screenshot of add hours screen

Step 3. We can now add all the information necessary to log our hours. Starting with “Other Time” you can select the type of task that was executed for these hours. Next we will choose the “Status” of the task that was carried out.

Screenshot of new time clock selection

Step 3-Continued. Now enter the “Start Date / Time” and the “End Date / Time” for the hours you are logging. (Selecting the date will provide you with pop calendar to easily select a date. Selecting the Time will reveal an easy to use clock for entering hours.) Next enter a reference for the task that has taken place, Then enter the location status for the task. Finally enter any additional notes that you would like logged with the task and the hours you are logging.

Screenshot of add hours button on hours page

Step 4. Review the information you have entered to ensure the accuracy of your hours entry. Once you are satisfied with select “Save”.