Tactical Analysis and Briefing System (TABS)

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TABS is a mobile and desktop dispatching software for all industries large and small. TABS employs powerful features beyond simply tracking users GPS location including; mobile dispatch, report integration, instant messaging, time tracking, invoicing, and a job-by-job time card system.

Featuring a powerful and fully customizable Report Writer backbone, TABS streamlines end-to-end your daily business needs. Employees can be dispatched to a job site, complete work orders and forms, and be dispatched the next job site, clock-on or clock-off all from any mobile device (iOS & Android) such as a cellular phone, tablet, or computer. This reduces paperwork for both employees and managers and boasts full accountability every step of the way. Communications among staff has never been easier with included secured instant messaging, allowing for on the fly changes of documents, data, or just a quick note.

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3 Solutions for Everyday Tasks 

Scheduling and Dispatching, Tracking, and Reporting.

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One key feature of TABS is the ability to dispatch, direct, and schedule employees remotely, in real time. Instead of painstakingly contacting each employee individually through a phone or radio, TABS allows management to see who is available for a task and sends relevant information directly to the employee’s device. Such data can include directions that are plumbed directly into Google maps for GPS guidance, contact information of the client, or special instructions for the job at hand. Information and instructions can be sent to single or multiple field workers as needed with the click of a mouse.

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Tracking current location, speed, direction, historic positioning, and GPS is automated with TABS. Any device that has the mobile dispatch app installed, will begin reporting location, reported status, and dispatch activities upon the employee logging in. The data is then compiled and displayed on an easy to read dashboard, accessible from anywhere, allowing you to efficiently track your fleet status in real time. This increases safety, effectiveness, and transparency on the job site. The data is easily exported for analysis to improve the efficiency of your procedures, offer training opportunities, or consolidate and track trends.

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TABS has endless possibilities when it comes to its report writing solution. Using your existing operating protocol?  Any paper form you rely on is easily converted to an electronic form. Need a custom form? No problem! Invent and integrate with TABS without a programmer. Forms become immediately available across TABS increasing speed and accuracy of reporting. On the job site, TABS offers the ability for the employee to select report information such as job site, relevant notes, and a job completion summary that can auto fill invoices and time card sheets streamlining productivity. TABS supports various media to be attached to jobs, uploaded, and viewed in real time.

Dispatch Software that's easy to understand

Our intuitive dashboard shows relevant information up front, like; dispatch status, news, tasks and reports.  Communication becomes streamlined with integrated text messaging in and out of the office.

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User Manuals and Tutorials are available online at all times on our Support page to assist you with the operation of Tabs Dispatch Software
Visit Youtube.com or our Videos page to view all our tutorials.

TABS Mobile Dispatch App

Available on Android and IOS

TABS Mobile Dispatch App is available on Android and IOS platforms. Combined Android and IOS share 94.07% of mobile devices being used on the world market. A majority of the remaining 5.93% of the mobile devices are equipped with a web browser that still makes signing into TABS possible, making TABS a truly universal application.

Market share statistics for mobile operating systems provided by netmarketshare.com, August 2016





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